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PARENT-PROVIDER CHILD CARE CONTRACT I. The following contract is between (Parents of child(men) in care) and located at for the (Child Care Provider) (Address of child care facility) children listed
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D. Below). 2. The deposit is a dollar amount less than 1.00. 3. A deposit of 0.75 or one week s payment is required at the time of the application or the deposit must be used at the time of the contract signing or on approval of the contract. 4. If the deposit is not used all week s, no penalty is payable, and we pay the balance of the deposit. If the deposit is used all week s, we pay the balance of the deposit that is remaining. 5. Once the deposit is paid the child s daily rate will be adjusted so that the monthly total of daily rates does not exceed the average daily rate for the calendar month at the time of contract signing or approval. 6. Each day spent in child care, whether in the facility, in the home or under supervision and other child care related activities is counted. 7. If the child care facility is located in this city, its monthly average daily rate is used. 8. The monthly average daily rate is calculated by multiplying the daily rate for the calendar month of the contract signing or approval by 1.25. 9. For those children listed in section D. below, the daily rates are determined according to age groups. For these children, the weekly average child care rate is used. 10. For children who are age 2 to 6, the first day of the month for which an average daily rate is provided is also the day for calculating the average daily rate for the remainder of the month. 11. Each child under age 2 who does not have a full day of care of 1/2 hour or less, is considered day care dependent for payment purposes. (We will compute the child care dependent daily rates for the days that there are only days that the child has a full day care of at least 1/2 hour of care.) 12. We will compute the child care dependency average daily rate from the following days: (1) children who are in full day care for at least 2 hours and (2) children who are in part day care where the average daily rate is at least 2 hours and less often than 2 hours. 13. For those children named below who are 4 and 5 years old, the average daily child care rate is based on both child's day care dependency average daily rate and the average daily rates received by children of that age group. 14.
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Music hello everyone and welcome back to the business of childcare my name is ebony Martin visionary and founder where I provide you with practical steps and resources moving you closer to opening up your own licensed early learning program before I get into the video I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my channel who has liked and shared who's watched me on Instagram I really really really appreciate it and I hope these videos are helping you I wanted to also say that I will be reaching out to other social media platforms here soon and yes, thank you very much also if you have any questions and your may be opening up a home child care or a child care center, and you have questions for concerning life and theme please do not hesitate to email me at the business of child care at Malcolm and I will do my best to get back to you so let's go ahead and jump right into the video what is a contract is a legal binding agreement between you and the person that you're doing business with this is the business of child care it is in business, and you want to make sure that you have a contract I know some people may be opening up child care homes, and you say do I really need a contract yes you do because it is a legal binding agreement you want to make sure that the parent, and you are on the same page also if you're opening up a childcare center you definitely definitely definitely need to have a contract, so I want to talk about some things some suggested things that make that you may want to put in your contract this is not everything this is not what you should have in your contract these are suggestions you can add take away however you want to do it also if you are a seasoned, and you are opening up a childcare center maybe you've had a home, and you're opening up a center maybe this will give you some suggestions of what you should put in your contract because they're opening up a childcare center I will put it in the description box a template of a contract of how it looks, and then you can play around with it taking away or adding to however you need to let's just go ahead and jump right into it, so a contract should definitely have your name the name of your childcare center your address and your phone number it should have the information of whom the contract is between, so it's between the parents, and you see when the make sure that the parents name is on the contract as well as the children's name and their date of births if you are taking a deposit or a registration fee make sure that it's on the contract how much it will be um and if you are giving the deposit back make sure you have the information in there as well what days you're providing child care service if you're providing child care service Monday through Friday and the hours of operation that will be a good thing to have on your contract as well let's see oh when your make when are you expecting your payments to be made if they're being made monthly...
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